The Harrow Bush Nursing Centre is a non profit incorporated association that provides responsive and flexible non bed based quality primary and community health services. The Centre is funded via recurrent annual funding from the Department of Health and Human Services under the Small Rural Health services program. This operational funding assists the Centre in providing and maintaining health care services, community programs, staffing resouces and equipment.

The Organsiational Structure of the Centre allows for sub committees and also a Steering Committee for the Bay Riders Community Centre to further provide the best possible provision of services to the Community.

The Centre provides modern facilities including a treatment room, 2 consultation rooms, a meeting room with videoconferencing facilities, a multipurpose room and kitchen of catering standard. This is backed by a committed and caring team of 12 part time and casual staff led by a nurse Centre Manager and overseen by a voluntary Committee of Management. The Centre also coordinates a large volunteer base that assist in running many of the programs and services on offer.

In continuing to provide the best possible services to the community the Centre also relies on membership contributions, grant funding and also donations. The Centre has Deductible Gift Recipient status allowing us to receive tax deductible gifts or donations.

In 2004, 2008, 2011 and 2014 Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation (QICSA) certified that the Harrow Bush Nursing Centre met the Council’s accreditation requirements using the Australian Health and Community Service Standards for Health and Community Services..

ABN: 92 892 565 164
Incorporation Number: A11299E