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The Bush Telegraph July 2019BT newsletter JULY 2019 Getting to know our staff – Loren Linto, Remote Area Nursing report, Q Fever Vaccinations, Report from Business, Quality and Safety areas, Suicide awareness, National Diabetes Week, Why join a committee?, Social Support Group report.2019-07-12 15:40:21
June 2019BT newsletter JUNE 2019 Volunteer Morning Tea photos and awards – Chris McCall and Marlene Hair, flu vax clinics, RAN training, Influenza Information,Defensive Driving, What is a Dietitian, Reconciliation Week, Getting to know our staff; Carolyn Middleton, Mens Health Week BBQ with Murray McInnes as guest speaker, Social Support Group …2019-06-03 14:47:00
Bush Telegraph May 2019BT newsletter May 2019 v2 Flu Vaccination clinic. Getting to know staff member; Di Knoll, Volunteers Morning Tea, Cancer Council – Biggest Morning Tea, Defensive Driving, Jessie Ferguson resignation from COM, Quit Line, Asthma Month2019-05-13 12:22:31
April 2019BT Newsletter April 2019 Collie Grant announcement, Harrow Long Lunch photos and report, Mental Health First Aid training2019-04-02 15:03:34
March 2019Bush Telegraph Newsletter MARCH 2019 Quality and Safety, Mens Health Nurse visit, getting to know our staff; Ann Vaughan, Shrove Tuesday, Mental Health First Aid workshops, Healthy Eating when you are older2019-03-05 13:27:32
February 2019BT Newsletter February 2019 Surviving the heat with 5 simple tips, report from the Business Area including funding and DGR status donations/sponsorships, services provided on a day of Code Red, Getting to know our staff; Emma Cush, volunteer vacancies, Future plans of the building extension, Social Support Group report for …2019-02-05 13:07:07
January 2019BT January Newsletter 2019.pub2019-01-03 14:28:20
December 2018Bush Telegraph December Newsletter 2018 Centre closing times over Christmas and New Year period, results of election of office bearers for 2018-19, Christmas hamper collection, article on Grants and why they are important, Community health on coping with the summer heat, getting to know our staff; Anita McGuigan, Volunteer vacancies …2018-11-29 14:53:44
The Bush Telegraph November 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter November 2018 World Diabetes Day walk SSG Report for October AGM 2018 photos and awards getting to know staff member: Marg Elliott Public Holiday Centre closure for Melb Cup Day  2018-11-02 15:00:26
October 2018 insert to BT – SnakebiteSnakebite Flyer insert2018-10-08 14:34:24
October 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter October 2018 Joining the Committee of Management, photos from our Womens Health Day, whats new in the business area, getting to know our staff; Lynne Beaton, Volunteer vacancies, Nursing Services provision at the up coming Harrow Horsemanship Challenge, Social Support Group report for October and calendar of …2018-10-08 14:31:21
RU OK? Day Flyer – insert to September edition2018-08-31 11:58:50
Bush Telegraph September 2018Mens Shed grant announcement RU OK Day Joining the COM Womens Health Day Community Health Exercise Provider AGM Notices Getting to know our staff – Wilma McFarlane New organisation logo – please vote Audits, checklists and surveys2018-08-31 11:40:22
August insert – Womens Health Day Flyer2018-07-30 15:22:45
The Bush Telegraph August 2018BT Newsletter August 2018 Web edition Oral Health, Social Support Group report, photos of the puppies with SSG participants, Mens and Womens health, Consumer Survey, Welcome to new COM member – Darren Welsh, My Health Record, New Strategic Plan and Vision, Winter Walking Challenge,2018-07-30 15:14:27
Bush Telegraph July 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter July 2018 Mens Health, Notice for Yin Yoga participants, photos of the Black Tie Ball, Quality and Safety report, Supporting family and friends through Cancer talk,2018-07-03 10:22:26
Winter Walking Challenge 2018 InformationThis flyer is an insert to the July 2018 Bush Telegraph   Winter Walking Challenge 2018 flyer2018-07-03 09:53:51
The Bush Telegraph June 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter June 2018 Strategic Planning, report from the Business area, Quality and Safety report, Social Support Group excursion notice, Winter Warmer Recipe & Exercise and mental health.2018-05-31 15:09:54
Bush Telegraph Newsletter April 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter April 2018 Mens Health Golf Day, Great Harrow Race results, Flu Vaccination Program for 2018, New Equipment with donations, Billy Cart Weekend – nursing staff, Pop Up Play Group, Video linking to medical appointments, Premiers Active April flyer2018-04-03 09:26:18
Pop Up Play flyerPop up play poster Harrow2018-03-29 09:41:33
Mens Golf Day 2018 flyer2018-03-29 09:40:04
BRCC Newsletter April 2018BRCC Newsletter April 20182018-03-29 09:38:42
March 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter March 20182018-03-05 11:25:44
Great Harrow Duck Race flyerHarrow Duck Race Flyer 2018 All about our Great Harrow Duck race to be held on the long weekend in March at the Johnny Mullagh Reserve, Harrow.  A fundraiser for the HBNC2018-01-29 14:04:46
HBNC Newsletter February 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter February 2018 Welcome to Di Knoll our new Div 1 Nurse, Healthy Weight tips, Shrove Tuesday and visits by Mens and Womens Health Nurse2018-01-29 14:00:49
January 2018Bush Telegraph Newsletter January 2018 Centre closing days, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day, Mens Health, Carers Support Group, PAG Report2017-12-22 10:53:43
Summer Lift Out January 2018Summer Lift Out for WEB2017-12-21 14:27:16
December 2017Bush Telegraph Newsletter December 20172017-11-30 10:04:07
November 2017This is the November 2017 Edition of The Bush Telegraph : Bush Telegraph November 20172017-10-27 14:31:57
October 2017Bush Telegraph newsletter October 2017 Download:  Bush Telegraph Newsletter Oct 20172017-10-10 08:20:36
September 2017Download: BT September 20172017-08-30 16:20:02
August 2017Download: BT August 20172017-08-30 16:19:08
July 2017Download: BT July 20172017-08-30 16:17:42
June 2017Download: BT June 20172017-08-30 16:17:06
May 2017Download: BT May 20172017-08-30 16:15:44
April 2017In this months edition: Miga Lake CFA Gathering, National Billy Cart Races, Opening of the Telecommunications tower at Culla, Women’s on Farms Gathering. Download: BT April 2017  2017-08-16 21:53:31
March 2017In this months edition: Recognising volunteers, Committee of Management, Harrow Billy Cart Day. BT March 20172017-08-16 21:52:34
February 2017In this months edition: Emergency Provision, Ear Assessment and Ear Syringing, Immunisation, Pathology, General Assessments. Download: BT February 20172017-08-16 21:51:06

BRCC Newsletter July 2019BRCC Newsletter JULY 2019 June/July School holiday photos, Programs report for June, Mens Shed Report for June.2019-07-12 15:42:24
June 2019Whats on for June, Programs Officer Report for May, Report on the NHHVic Conference, Harrow Mens Shed report for May, Defensive Driving2019-06-03 14:49:05
BRCC Newsletter May 2019Photos of the Surf Camp, Harrow & District Mens Shed report for April, Defensive Driving, Programs report. BRCC Newsletter MAY 20192019-05-13 11:57:33
April 2019BRCC Newsletter April 2019 Youth forum report, school holiday program for April 20192019-04-02 15:07:04
March 2019Bush Telegraph Newsletter MARCH 2019 Community Youth Forum, Mens Shed report for February 2019, School Holiday program and Surf Camp advert2019-03-05 13:25:12
BRCC Newsletter February 2019BRCC Newsletter February 2019.pub2019-02-11 07:39:30
Community Youth Forum flyer (insert to Bay Riders Community Centre February newsletter)Community Youth Forum 2019 in Harrow flyer2019-02-05 13:08:47
January 2019BRCC Newsletter January 2019 FINAL.pub2019-01-03 14:24:38
BRCC Newsletter December 2018BRCC Newsletter December 2018 School Holiday program for December and January, Men’s Shed report for November, Men’s Shed Christmas BBQ notice, Mum’s and Bubs Pilates advert, conclusion dates for 2018 for Pilates and Yin Yoga, Programs Report from Lynne Beaton including summary of Lebanese Cooking workshop and the Every Man …2018-11-29 14:56:53
BRCC Newsletter November 2018BRCC Newsletter Novmeber 2018 Lebanese Cooking workshop  2018-11-02 15:01:39
BRCC Newsletter October 2018BRCC Newsletter October 2018 School Holiday photos from Drumming, Archery, Basket Making and Art with Taze. Mens Shed Report for September.  BRCC report for October.2018-10-08 15:06:04
Understanding Youth Allowance Seminar2018-08-31 12:01:37
BRCC Newsletter September 2018Mens Shed Week September/Oct School Holiday Program Centrelink Youth Allowance Seminar Here BRCC Newsletter September 20182018-08-31 11:42:34
BRCC Newsletter August 2018BRCC August 2018 Newsletter Web edition School Holiday wrap up, Defensive Driving photos 20182018-07-30 15:18:18
BRCC Newsletter July 2018BRCC Newsletter July 2018 Farewell to Anna-Lena, School Holiday Activities, Mens Shed trip2018-07-03 09:50:42
BRCC Newsletter June 2018BRCC Newsletter June 2018 June and July School Holiday Program and Defensive Driving Volunteer Week2018-05-31 14:43:12
BRCC Newsletter May 2018Here: BRCC Newsletter May 2018 Pension and Retirement Seminar, Gun License, Volunteers Morning Tea, Defensive Driving Courses, Harrow Mens Shed Report April2018-04-30 13:49:39
Insert to BRCC March 2018 NewsletterBRCC Newsletter INSERT March 20182018-03-05 11:33:46
Defensive Driving program for 2018 FlyerDefensiveDrivingFlyer2018 Dates and costs for our renowned Defensive Driving program for 2018 – be quick to book.2018-03-05 11:31:21
March 2018BRCC Newsletter March 20182018-03-05 11:29:14
Harrow Long Lunch 2018 flyerHarrow Long Lunch Flyer Insert for BRCC newsletter   Enjoy beautiful food and live Jazz at our Long Lunch on the Glenelg River, Harrow – flyer2018-01-29 14:11:13
BRCC Newsletter February 2018BRCC Newsletter February 20182018-01-29 13:55:39
BRCC Newsletter January 2018BRCC Newsletter January 2018 January school holiday program. photos of the Makeup Workshop2017-12-21 15:25:29
December 2017BRCC Newsletter December 2017 School Holiday Activities (Pets Picnic, Makeup Workshop, Cooking), Expression of Interest for music teachers, Mens Shed report for November and current projects, Tender for Trestle Table, Advance Notice for Harrow Long Lunch2017-11-28 13:54:00
November 2017This is the BRCC Newsletter for November 2017 : BRCC Newsletter November 20172017-10-27 14:28:56
September 2017September 2017 Edition of the Bay Riders Community Centre   Download:   BRCC Newsletter September 20172017-10-10 08:13:21
October 2017This is the BRCC Newsletter – October 2017 edition Download BRCC Newsletter Oct 2017.compressed2017-10-09 15:03:20
August 2017Download: BRCC INSERT FINAL August 20172017-08-30 16:30:14
July 2017Download: BRCC INSERT July 20162017-08-30 16:29:43
June 2017Download: BRCC INSERT FINAL June 20172017-08-30 16:28:56
May 2017Download: BRCC NEWSLETTER May 20172017-08-30 16:28:08
April 2017Download: BRCC INSERT April 20172017-08-30 16:27:35
March 2017Download:  BRCC INSERT March 20172017-08-30 16:26:54
February 2017What’s On this month: Yin Yoga, Daytime Yoga, Play Group, Parents, Carers and Mums to be, Pilates Plus Classes, Come sketch with Stretch Download: BRCC INSERT February 2017    2017-08-16 22:19:49

Latest News and Events

Have you considered early morning Pilates? We have a 6.30am class every Wednesday - 45 min session - an all over body workout. Book now for the term! 55882000 ... See MoreSee Less

Have you considered early morning Pilates?  We have a 6.30am class every Wednesday - 45 min session - an all over body workout.  Book now for the term! 55882000

Singing Group continues this Thursday at 1pm with
Lee McDonald - all welcome 🙂
... See MoreSee Less

Pilates classes start tomorrow for Term 3 ($55 for term)
- Pilates Plus - 6.30am
- Pilates Plus - 8.30am
- Child Friendly - 9.30am
... See MoreSee Less

Well done to Stawell Neighbourhood House for this initiative! ... See MoreSee Less

Well done to Stawell Neighbourhood House for this initiative!

Reminder - No Yin Yoga is being held here in July ... See MoreSee Less

Facilitated Play Group commences again here tomorrow 10.30 to 12.30pm. Morning Tea is provided. Come and enjoy a relaxed playgroup, where you can meet with other parents and children can play with provided Educational resources. No charge. ... See MoreSee Less

Facilitated Play Group commences again here tomorrow 10.30 to 12.30pm.  Morning Tea is provided.  Come and enjoy a relaxed playgroup, where you can meet with other parents and children can play with provided Educational resources. No charge.
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